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Goldman Sachs Bank

Do you live in the United States thereby being compelled to bank there? Then you might have probably heard of the Goldman Sachs bank. If you haven’t yet, the Goldman Sachs bank is an American multinational financial service provider and investment bank. The bank is headquartered in New York City. The Goldman Sachs bank assets are currently worth over nine hundred and fifty billion dollars making it one of the largest banks in the United States.

Goldman Sachs Bank

Also, it might interest you to learn that this bank offers services in investments management, asset management, prime brokerage, investment banking and so much more. This bank can be termed as one of the best banks for all investors. However this bank has not currently launched any credit card but the general public will have it, Apple says it will launch a credit card with them.

Goldman Sachs Bank Founding and Establishment

The Goldman Sachs bank was founded by Marcus Goldman in New York City in the year 1869. The company was later growing gradually until 1882 when Samuel Sachs, Goldman’s son in law joined the firm. Later on, in 1885, Goldman took his son (Henry) and another of his son in aw into the business. And this was where the company adopted the name Goldman Sachs and Co.

The company gradually built a name for themselves by pioneering the use of commercial paper for all entrepreneurs who joined the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the year 1896. Goldman later entered the initial public, offering market in the year 1906. After it bought Sears (an American chain of departmental stores). The deal was made possible as a result of a personal relationship between one of the owners of sears (Julius Rosenwald) and Henry Goldman.

Goldman Sachs Bank Website

As it is common with every company, the Goldman Sachs bank also has an official website. If which you can learn about the bank itself and decide if your money is worth the risk of going there. However, be rest assured that your money is entirely safe and banking with them is actually a good thing.

To visit the Goldman Sachs bank official website, use this URL On this website, you will find everything there is to know about the Goldman Sachs bank. Also, you can log in your account as an employee if you are an employee on the platform.

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